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Cosmic Insights is an astrology website. They use Vedic astrology, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data powered platform to come up with cosmic insights for a person. Founded in the year 2017 by Niravta Mathur, various astrological services offered are:

  • Consultations
  • Astrological reports
  • Astrological courses
  • Pujas and Homas
  • Nakshtra video courses
  • One-to-one private astrology tutoring

Astrological consultations at Cosmic insights:

  • You can find various consultation available on their website/ app. Various consultations available are:

New year consultation:

  • This is a LIVE consultation done via video call (Skype or Zoom)
  • The consultation focusses on going through your birth chart and understanding what can bring happiness and harmony in your life. 
  • This consultation can be purchases online and once purchased, you will receive a link with a form to provide your date of birth and other information. 

Price for this new year consultation is Rs. 14,700    


Birth time correction service consultation:

  • Birth time plays a very crucial role in coming up with your astrological predictions. 
  • If in case you believe that your time of birth was not accurately recorded, you can use this consultancy.
  • It can be purchases online and once purchased, an astrology consultant will examine the details. 
  • Based on inputs provided by you, the time of birth will then be corrected (if needed).  

  Price for birth time correction service consultation is Rs. 9,599


One question service consultancy:

  • This consultancy is helpful when you need answer to any burning question in your life. 
  • Various questions can be time of marriage, starting a business etc. 
  • The expert astrologers will review your details and will help you find the answer of your question based on your cosmic positions. 

Price for one question service consultation is Rs. 4,999


Past life analysis consultation:

  • This is a LIVE consultancy (through Skype or Zoom) by Dr. Santhip Kanholy. 
  • Once you purchase it online, you will receive an email with suitable time for consultation.
  • It will help you find answers for:
    • Your karma and your past life
    • What karma have you carried into your current birth from previous lifetimes? 
    • How can you use your past experiences to have a more happier and fulfilling life in your current lifetime?

Price for past life analysis consultation is Rs. 9,599


Complete birth chart analysis:

  • An in-depth analysis of your cosmic positions which helps identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The consultancy will help you find your true potential. 
  • After this consultancy you will be able to find perfect career path for yourself. 
  • You will get a better understanding of your personality, traits and habits. 
  • You will be informed about remedies to solve ongoing cosmic problems in your life. 
  • This is a LIVE consultation done through video call (Skype or Zoom)

Price for complete birth chart analysis is Rs. 15,999


Relationship analysis:

  • Astrologers can help you analyze your relationship by applying pai paddhathi on the planets impacting relationships. 
  • This is a LIVE consultancy done via video call (Skype or Zoom) which help you understand patterns and possibilities with regard to your relationship.
  • This consultancy can be purchased online and once purchased you will receive a call from Cosmic Insights representative to find a suitable time to schedule this. 
  • An email will be sent to you to collect your date of birth and other information. 

Price for relationship analysis consultancy is Rs. 9,599 


Career consultation:

  • This consultation will help you understand if you are on the right career track or if there is a need to change your career. 
  • You can understand if job change (at this time or any other time in future) will help you progress in career. 
  • This is a LIVE consultation done via video call (Skype or Zoom) and can help you understand your weaknesses, strengths and working traits. 
  • An email will be sent to you to collect your date of birth and other information as well as to schedule the discussion. 

Price for career consultation is Rs. 9,599 


Sade sati consultation:

  • This helps you understand the impact of Saturn (Sani) in your life. 
  • The analysis is done through pai paddhathi to help you understand impact of sade sati in your life as well as remedies to overcome the effect of this sade sati. 
  • The consultation is LIVE via video call (Skype or Zoom). 
  • Once purchased you will get a form to enter your date of birth and other details. You will also be contacted to finalize the time of consultation. 

Price for saturn/ sani sade sati consultation is Rs. 10,500


Mahadasha analysis and remedies:

  • This consultancy will help you understand you your vismshottari maha dasha. 
  • It will be done by astrologer Dr. Santhip who will use the Tribhagi system for your mahadasha analysis. 
  • At the end of this consultancy, you will get a clear picture on current positions of planets in your life, effect (positive/ negative) these planets are bringing and remedies to ill effect of planets. 

Price for mahadasha analysis is Rs. 21,528


Jupiter (guru/ brihaspati) transit analysis:

  • This LIVE consultancy will help you understand the effect of planet jupiter (guru/ brihaspati) in your life. 
  • You will get to know how to get maximum benefit from this planet who is known to provide knowledge and wisdom. 
  • The consultancy will be done via video call (Skype or Zoom). 

Price for Jupiter transit analysis is Rs. 9,299


Vastu analysis for home or office:

  • This consultancy will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your home or office.
  • You will be guided with changes needed in the place to bring happiness, health and prosperity. 
  • The focus of this vaastu consultancy is to make your home of office favourable to attract positive energy. 

Fees for Vastu consultancy:

1 hourAnalysis and solutions to improve Vastu at your home or officeRs. 11,000
2 hourDetailed analysis & solutions to improve Vaastu with a customized report for your home or officeRs. 18,000

Click here to view details of all consultancy service provided by Cosmic Insights. 


Astrological reports at Cosmic Insights:

  • There are personalized reports which can help you get a better understanding of what is happening in your life and what can happen in future. 
  • These reports have detailed remedies available to help you solve existing problems in your life or find answer to burning questions troubling you.

Various reports available are:

Predictive Horoscope for the yearBased on your moon sign, this personalized report will help you find what the year has for you and possible remedies to bring prosperity in the year for you  Rs. 1105
Important days of the yearThis report helps you understand important days in the year for you (powerful days, days where you need to be cautious, planet transition dates) Rs. 1850
Transit report for Rahu and KetuPersonalized report to understand effect of rahu and ketu transition in your lifeRs. 5800
21 reports in 1 - comprehensive report

Detailed personalized pdf report consisting of the following:

  1. Birth Chart & Divisional Charts
  2. Planet & House Details
  3. Extensive Nakshatra Analysis 
  4. Rahu & Ketu Analysis
  5. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva - Analysis
  6. Vata, Pita, Kapha - Analysis
  7. Karmas stored in Chakras - Analysis
  8. Nakshatras of Divisional Chart
  9. Birth Panchang
  10. Nadi Nakshatras and Nava Tara
  11. Upcoming Important Transit Dates
  12. Vishnu Sahasranma Shlokas based on your Birth Chart
  13. Atmakaraka (Soul Planet) Report
  14. Personalized Mantras based on Birth Chart for every planet
  15. Saturn Transit Report (Sade Sati, Ashtamashani, Kantakashani)
  16. Ganesha and Jyotirlingam based on your Birth Chart Report
  17. Destiny Point Report (Bhrigu Bindu)
  18. Pai Map Report
  19. Elements (Pancha Maha Bhuta) Analysis
  20. Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha Analysis
  21. Mahadashas Report

The report is generally delivered in up to 5 days from the day you purchase it.  

Rs. 6999 
Saturn Interpretation Report

Personalized report to help you understand impact of Saturn/ sani transition in your life. 

The report is written based on your birth chart and is generally delivered within 10 days. 

Rs. 5499
Pars Fortuna Point

"Pars Fortuna" in astrology is a mathetical point derived by longitudinal positions of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant (Rising sign) in your birth chart 

Knowing this point can help you understand set on the path of worldly success  

Rs. 1299
Karmic Lessons and ResponsibilitiesPersonalized analysis of your nakshatra and interpretation of rahu/ ketu, overview of rahu/ ketu cosmic axis in your life.  Rs. 4999
Relationship Compatibility

Personalized report to help you understand if any new or existing relationship will bring happiness in your life. 

You will also receive the traditional matchmaking (kundli milan) report based on:

  1. Ashta Koota
  2. Dasha Koota 
Rs. 1400
Doshas and Remedies

Personalized report helping you understand various astrological doshas in your life along with remedies to reduce their ill effect. 

Various doshas included in this report are:

  1. Kala Sarpa Dosha
  2. Mangal Dosha
  3. Krishna Ashtami Dosha 
  4. Pitru Dosha
  5. Putra Dosha
  6. Shunya Tithi Dosha
  7. Dagdha Tithi Dosha
  8. Amavasya Dosha
  9. Krishna Chaturthi Dosha
  10. Eclipse Dosha
  11. Sankranti Dosha
  12. Karana Dosha
  13. Kshaya Karana Dosha
  14. Gandanta Dosha
  15. Marana Karaka Sthana
  16. Sun Moon Conjunction
Rs. 960
Planetary Yogas
  • Personalized report to help you understand various planetary yogas available in your birth chart. 
  • Some of these yogas are very powerful and can bring lot of happiness and success in your life whereas some are really dangerous and can make your life miserable. 
  • Hence, knowing about these yogas is important. According to hindu astrology, there are a total of 26 planetary yogas and important once are:
  1. Gaja Keshari yoga
  2. Pancha Mahapurush yoga
  3. Neecha Bhang Raj yoga
  4. Veeprit Raj yoga
Rs. 960
Tithi Pravesha - True Vedic Birthday

Personalized report to help you know your birthday based on vedic astrology. 

You will get the birthday date and time for next 30 years. 

You will also receive Tithi Pravesha chart along with Tithi, Day, and Hora

Rs. 730
Destiny Point (Bhrigu Bindu)

Personalized report to find mystical destiny points in your birth chart. 

The report helps you find how your destiny point reveals and decides your life path

Rs. 5499
Vehicle Compatibility Report

personalized vehicle compatibility report based on your nakshtras

The report helps you understand which vehicle is suitable for you (brand/ colour), what effect in your life the current vehicle you own is bringing in your life 

Rs. 5520
Vishnu Sahashranama ReportPersonalized report that helps you find stotram from Vishnu Sahashranama that has the power to activate the crown chakra and bless us with Atmajnana (knowledge of the self) and Brahmajnana (knowledge of the brahman)Rs. 649
Nava Tara and Nadi Nakshatra ReportNadi nakshtra analysis helps you understand smooth and blockage points in your birth chartRs. 649
Personal Vedic Mantras for PlanetsThis personalized report will help you find the best mantra for each of the nine planets (grahas) to bring peace and harmony in your life. Rs. 649
Nakshatra RemediesPersonalized report which will help you find remedies of your problems based on your nakshatras. Rs. 649


Pujas and homas at Cosmic Insights:

  • The expert astrologers and priests conducts poojas and homas on your behalf. 
  • All these are conducted privately for you and you can join the puja live via a video conference call to be a part of it.
  • You can purchase these poojas online and then it will be conducted for you on a auspicious time. 

Various poojas and homas that are available at Cosmic Insights are:

Puja/ homaDescriptionCost
Ganapathi Puja

This puja is conducted to remove obstacles in your life.

This puja is advisable if in case you are starting something new like a business, buying new home etc.

Rs. 20000
Satya Narayan PujaThis puja helps you in maintaining harmony and prosperity in familyRs. 4000
Nakshatra Shanti PujaThis Puja should be performed for longevity, good health and to eliminate chronic ailments (if any)Rs. 20000
Navagraha PujaThis puja is a collective worship of all 9 planets/ grahas to bring prosperity in life. Rs. 20000
Rudra Puja

This pooja helps in removing negativity and planetary doshas in your life.

You can purchase 2 types of puja:

  1. Sankalpa puja - You can take a sankalp during an existing rudra puja
  2. Private puja - The puja will be conducted only for you  

Sankalpa puja: Rs. 4000

Private puja: Rs. 20000 

Gou Puja

This puja helps in getting success in any undertaking 

You can either do a sankalpa or private gou puja

Sankalpa puja: Rs. 4000

Private puja: Rs. 20000 

Nakshatra Shanti HomaThis homa helps in longevity, good health and to eliminate chronic ailments if anyRs. 30000
Navagraha Homa

A homa for all 9 planets to dilute negative influences of planets and to infuse peace and prosperity in your life

You can either do a sankalpa or private navagraha puja

Sankalpa puja: Rs. 6000

Private puja: Rs. 30000

Rudra HomaThis homa helps you remove negativity and planetary doshas in lifeRs. 30000
Ganapati Homa

This homa is conducted to remove obstacles and to get blessings before starting anything new

You can either do a sankalpa or private Ganapati puja

Sankalpa puja: Rs. 6000

Private puja: Rs. 30000


Free reports on Cosmic Insights:

  • There are many free astrological reports available at Cosmic Insights. 
  • All these reports can be generated by providing your emailid, full name name, date and time of birth and place of birth. 
  • Report once generated will be sent to your email.

Free rituals and remedies for your soul planet (atma karaka):

  • Soul planet analysis helps in finding if your desires in life will be fulfilled or if you will face problems in managing those desires.
  • Soul planet plays an important role in deciding important pattern in your life and hence this planted is also called as "king planet".   
  • You can generate this report for free at Cosmic Insights.

Personality profile report:

  • This free report helps you understand your personality traits based on your time of birth.
  • According to astrology, your behaviour and personality is decided by the position of planets and stars at the time and location you were born. 
  • This report can help you get more insight in your behaviour. 

Lord Ganesha posture report:

  • According to vedic astrology, lord Ganesha has 4 postures:
  1. Standing
  2. Sitting
  3. Dancing
  4. Reclining
  • This report will help you find the  posture of Lord Ganesha that resonates with you based on your birth chart.

Powerful days to donate report:

  • According to vedic astrology, donation (daan) is the best way to find remedy of a problem. 
  • Though it is always a good day to donate, there are few auspicious days where you get more benefit of donation.

Saturnian days in a year:

  • This report helps you to understand if a particular day is low, medium w.r.t impact of planet Saturn (sani) in your life. 

Personalized rituals and remedies for career success based on your birth chart:

  • This report helps you to build a successful career based on your birth chart. 
  • You will get a personalized mantra to strengthen your planed in 10th house which is the house of career. 

Best time for worship based on your birth chart:

  • The best time to worship in a day is dependent upon the lord of your moon sign. 
  • You can get a personalized report which helps you find the best time to worship in a day. 

Rituals and remedies to improve relationships:

  • Based on your birth chart, this report helps you find remedies to improve your relationship with spouse, business partner or any other important relationship in your life. 

Panchapakshi report:

  • In vedic astrology, panchapakshi is a method to find one’s most prosperous and inauspicious time to conduct activities. 
  • This report helps you find this time. 

Free bundle of reports: 

  • This is a bundle of various reports which can be provided by providing your emailid, name, date and time of birth and place of birth. 
  • The report will be sent to you over email. 

Various reports included as a part of this bundle are:

  1. Basic birth chart
  2. Mahadasha
  3. Planet details
  4. House details
  5. Nakshatra details
  6. Atmakaraka
  7. Nakshatra Ganesha


Cosmic Insight app:

Android app

iOS app

  • The app offers a comprehensive list of all vedic astrology solution and remedies. 
  • Features in the app are above and beyond what is available on the website. This includes:
    • Moorti Nirnaya 
    • Bhutas and Velas
    • Jata Graha – This graha helps you understand purpose of your life
    • Doshas and Remedies
    • Jyotish Reference Tables - to analyze birth and other astrological charts
    • Muhurta Finder - to find auspicious timing for various events in your life 
    • Cosmic Compatibility

More about cosmic insights app:

  • Once you download the app, you will need to select your location. 
  • Next step is to sign up or login.
  • Sign up can be done by providing your full name, emailid, a password, gender, date, time and place of birth. 
  • Once you provide all these details, you will enter into app. 
  • The first page of the app has today's panchang with various details like lunar month, dina, current nakshatra, yoga etc. 
  • You will also have your nakshtra details in the app. 

Premium access to Cosmic Insights app:

  • Cosmic insights app has many reports which are not free and you need to subscribe to premium packages to access these report. 

Cosmic Insights app's premium package details:

Package durationCost 
MonthlyRs. 460 per month
YearlyRs. 4450 per year
LifetimeRs. 16300 one time

The monthly and yearly subscriptions auto renew if it is not canceled within at least 24 hours prior to the expiration of the current subscription.

The premium access in the app gives you access to various reports like:

  • Birth and other astrological charts
  • Detailed Mahadasha report
  • Detailed panchang 


Cosmic Insights blog

  • Cosmic insights has a very rich blog full of astrological suggestions and insights. 
  • You can get details of all planetery transitions, mythological stories etc. on the blog. 
  • The blog has following sections:
    • Current Year Horoscope
    • Articles
    • Cosmic Conversations
    • Deities and Mythology
    • Festivals
    • Mantras
    • Nakshatras
    • Planets
    • Transits  
  • You can access Cosmic Insights blog here.  


Cancellation and refund at Cosmic Insights:

  • Once an order is placed, you can only cancel the order if the product (digital format) has not yet sent to you or for any consultation, astrologer is not assigned yet. 
  • For cancellation request, you need to send an email at within 1 hour of making your purchase.
  • If cancellation is approved, you will receive a refund within 7 days from the date of cancellation.
  • The payment will be refunded in the original source of payment. 


Contacting Cosmic Insights

  • For any questions, you can reach out to them at
  • You can also use live chat option available on their website. You need to provide your name and emailid to start the live chat. 

Please note that all costs mentioned above are taken from Cosmic Insights website at the time of writing this articles. Please refer the website for updates price.   

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