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AstroVed is an online astrology website. Founded by educationalist and philanthropist Dr. Baskaran Pillai, the website offers various remedy services like Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology, Betel Leaf (Royal) and Vishnu Maya Reading. They are ISO 9001:2015 certified with an office in Chennai. 

You can access their website in English, Hindi and Tamil. Click here to access Astroved Tamil website. 

The website has gained popularity among Indians living in countries like the USA and UK. As the astrological services are provided online, Indians living anywhere in the world can get access to it. They ensure that for any pooja or homa, the prasad and homa ash (bhasma) is sent through courier after the ritual is over.    

Various astrological services offered are: 

  • Homas and Poojas 
  • Astrological Products
  • Birth Chart Preparation 
  • Nadi Astrology
  • Live Astrological Consultation
  • Horoscope/ Kundli Preparation and Matching


Homas, Virtual poojas and poojas at Astro Ved:

  • Expert astrologers and priests can conduct various poojas and homa on your behalf. 
  • The pooja and homas will be done at Astroved remedy centre on your behalf (taking sankalp of your name and other details). 
  • You can also join the pooja and homa using your laptop/ mobile phone. 
  • Various virtual pujas available are Ketu pooja, Lakshmi pooja, Saturn (Sani) Pooja, Ganesh Pooja etc. 
  • Various homam that can be performed are Lord Dhanvantri homa, Rudra homa, Lakshmi Kubera homa etc. 
  • You can order any of the homa and poojas online and the representatives from Astro ved I will connect with you to discuss the next steps.
  • Once the homam or pooja is completed, you will receive the sacred grey ash powder from the homa and kum-kum (Red Vermillion Powder), blessed in the ritual. 
  • Prasad will be shipped from Chennai, Tamil Nadu within a week after the entire set of rituals is performed. 
  • Apart from these virtual poojas and homas, you can also get regular pooja done for your growth and prosperity. 
  • Various poojas which can be performed includes Ashtalakshmi pooja, Ganesh pooja, Satyanarayana pooja etc. 
  • You can purchase various packages for these poojas like for a month, for 6 months or for 12 months. 
  • All these poojas and homas can be bought online through their website or app.  

You can find the details from these links:

Please note that all pooja and homa are done at Astroved remedy centre on your behalf.  

Astrology, horoscope/ kundli reports and predictions at Astroved:

Free daily/ weekly/ monthly and yearly horoscope:

  • Based on your moon sign, you can get a free horoscope or rashi for the day. 
  • Simply click on your moon sign to read your daily horoscope. 
  • You can also access horoscopes or rashi for next day, current week, current month or for the current year. 

Various information available in these horoscope or rasi reports are:

  • General
  • Money and Finance
  • Health 
  • Career and Business
  • Love and Relationship


Astrology consultation at AstroVed:

Instant/ live astrological consultancy:

  • You can have live consultation with astrologers in any of these languages: English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Kannada.
  • Simply select the astrologer from the available list and continue to payment. 
  • The consultancy charge varies for each astrologer. 
  • Once the payment is made online, you can start the consultancy with the astrologer. 
  • You can find list of all astrologers available for live consultancy here.


Schedule a consultancy at AstroVed:

  • You can schedule an astrological consultancy with an astrologer. 
  • The consultancy can be done via Skype or phone. 
  • The appointment length can be either 30 min or 60 min. 
  • The consultancy can be any of the languages English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi.
    • Cost for a 30-min consultancy is Rs. 675
    • Cost for a 60-min consultancy is Rs. 1350
  • Once you select the astrologer with whom you want the consultancy, you can select the time-slot for consultancy based on his/ her availability. 
  • Next step is to make payment online to confirm the appointment. 
  • You can schedule a live astrology consultation from here.


48-Day Karmic Astrology Program With Vijayalakshmi at Astroved:

  • Astrologer Vijayalakshmi Krishnan conducts 48-Day Karmic Astrology program.
  • Once enrolled in this program, she will analyze your birth chart to understand your planetary positions.
  • There will be a homa recommended for you by astrologer Vijayalakshmi based on your current planetary positions.
  • She will also come up with recommendations on lifestyle changes which will help you gain prosperity in life. 
  • Apart from this, Vijayalakshmi will start her daily manifestation Poojas on your behalf for 48 days.  
  • During this 48 days period, astrologer Vijayalakshmi will have a 30 min consultation with you.
  • There will be one homa (fire lab) performed for you at Astroved remedy centre. You will receive the sacred grey ash powder from the homa.
  • Please send an email at to join this program.


Instant Insight prasna (Horary Astrology) at AstroVed:

  • You can ask a set of questions to expert astrologers there. 
  • These questions can be anything related to astrology or problems in your life.
  • The package can be bought online and once bought, it is valid for a year. 

Various question packages available are: 

Prasna/ Questions PacksPrice
3 Questions Rs. 282
10 Questions Rs. 846
15 Questions Rs. 1203
 30 Questions  Rs. 2187
  • Once you type your questions, you can choose a number between 1-249. 
  • Answers to these questions will be shared on your registered emailid. 
  • Click here to book prasna astrology.


Betel Leaf Astrology (Royal astrology) at Astro ved:

  • Betal Leaf Astrology is an astrological predictive technology based on betal leaves. No birth date is required for this astrology.
  • This astrology is also called as Tambula Prasna and is practised in Kerala. 

How betal leaf astrology works:

  • You select the intent or the purpose for which you want the reading to be done. 
  • From a given selection, you choose a betal leaf number. 
  • Next is to select a body part – from the options provided. 
  • Then you select the type of oil, the number of wicks and the size and color of the flame
  • Based on all these selections made by you, expert astrologers will come up with your astrological predictions as well as answers to your questions. 
  • The whole prediction is based on the time you raise your questions, the time you select betal leaves and the quality of betal leaves you select. 
  • Betal leaf reading can be purchased online for Rs. 3200. 
  • Click here to book betal leaf astrology.  


Birth Chart report on AstroVed:

  • You can generate your birth chart report by providing your details like first name, last name, gender, date of birth, time of birth and city of birth.
  • Once these details are entered, you will be able to see your birth chart. 
  • Click here to generate your birth chart.  


Birth Star Astrology:

  • Your birth star is the constellation in which the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. 
  • Birth star reports can help you understand your characteristics like how your mind works, your compatibility with others etc. 
  • The report gives you various details like your general characteristics, controlling planet, dosha, guna etc. 
  • You can generate your birth star (Nakshatra) report here.  


Dasa Bhukti report at AstroVed:

  • Dasa is a planetary cycle that starts based on the placement of the Moon in a star at the time of your birth. 
  • Bhukti (minor planetary period) is the smaller units of time within the Dasa (major planetary period). 
  • At any point in time, you will be under the combined influence of the Dasa (major planetary period) and the sub-cycles named Bhukti (minor planetary period). 
  • You can generate your Dasa Bhukti report by providing details like date of birth, time of birth, country of birth and birth location (city).
  • Once these details are submitted, you get your current dasa and bhukti period details. 
  • You also get a full report on all planetary positions in your life.  
  • Click here to generate your Dasa Bhukti report.

Personalized Dasa Bhukti report at Adtroved:

  • You can get a personalized dasa bhukti report here.
  • The expert astrologers will review your report and suggest predictions and remedies. 
  • The cost for personalized Dasa Bhukti report is Rs. 972. 


Horoscope matching (Kundali milan) on AstroVed:

  • You can do matchmaking by providing bride and groom details.
  • Various details which need to be entered are the full name of bride and groom, their date and time of birth, country of birth and location of birth (city). 
  • They use the Dasama Porutham (ten compatibility factors) method for horoscope matching. 

You get a match making report which has details of all these 10 Poruthams, namely:

  1. Dina Porutham or Nakshatra Porutham (Indicates Luck Match)
  2. Rasi Porutham (Indicates Family Growth)
  3. Gana(m) Porutham (Indicates Temperament Match)
  4. Yoni Porutham (Indicates Sexual Match)
  5. Rajju Porutham (Indicates Partner’s Longevity)
  6. Rasi Athipathi Porutham (Indicates All Wealth Match)
  7. Mahendra Porutham (Indicates Bonding /Progeny)
  8. Stree Dheerkha Porutham (Indicates All Types of Prosperity)
  9. Vasiya Porutham (Indicates Mutual Attraction)
  10. Vedha Porutham (Indicates Happiness and Joy)

Click here to generate a match making/ kundli milan report.


Your Lucky Number finder at Astro Ved:

  • They have a tool to find your lucky number. 
  • This can be generated by entering your date of birth. 
  • The report highlights:
    • Your lucky number
    • Unlucky numbers
    • Your positive and negative characteristics
  • Click here to generate your lucky number report.


Your Lucky Colour report on AstroVed:

  • They have an online tool to find your lucky colour. 
  • This can be generated by entering your date of birth. 
  • The report highlights your lucky and unlucky colours. 
  • Click here to generate your lucky colour report.


Manglik report on Astroved:

  • You can generate your manglik report by entering details like date and time of birth, country of birth and city of birth. 
  • The report highlights your manglik predictions as well as remedies to reduce malefic effects of manglik dosha. 
  • Click here to generate your manglik report.


Gemstone report on Astroved:

  • Gemstone report helps you find the best gemstone to bring happiness and prosperity in life. 
  • Wearing the right gemstone which is appropriate for your moon sign, can help you get blessings from all gods and your ruling planet.  
  • The report has details like:
    • Your precious/ favourable stone
    • Your semi-precious stone 
    • Your unfavorable stone
  • Click here to generate gem stone(s) suitable for you.


Name calculator or nameology report at Astroved:

  • Name calculator report shows the relationship between your name number and destiny number. 
  • The number report can be generated by providing date and time of birth, country of birth, city of birth and your full name.
  • The report provides details like:
    • Name should begin with
    • Birth Number
    • Destiny Number
    • Name Number
    • Favorable Numbers
    • Unfavorable Numbers
  • They also provide recommendation if your current name is fine or if it requires to be changed.  
  • Click here to generate your name calculator report.


Kala sarpa/ naga dosha report at Astroved:

  • Kala Sarpa Yoga is an inauspicious yoga in the birth chart of an individual, which is formed when all planets are hemmed between the nodal planets i.e. Rahu and Ketu.
  • Kala sarpa yoga can bring ill effects like delay in marriage, delay in childbirth, loss of wealth/ property etc. 
  • The report can be generated by providing date and time of birth, country of birth, city of birth.
  • The report highlights predictions/ analysis of your sarpa dosha as well as remedies. 
  • Click here to generate your kala sarpa report.


Numerology report at Astrovid:

  • Numerology reports can help you get  insights of the present and guidance for the future. 
  • It can help you identify your unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. 
  • The report can be generated by providing date and time of birth, country of birth, city of birth.
  • Click here to generate your numerology report.  


Pitru dosha report at Astroved:

  • Pitru Dosha denotes ancestral affliction in the horoscope that arises due to dissatisfied souls of your departed forefathers.
  • There are many adverse effects of pitru dosha like:
    • Difficulties and struggles in career
    • Delay and difficulties in childbirth
    • Struggles and disputes in the family
    • Health issues and hormone disorders
    • Sudden losses or deaths to the family members
    • Lack of monetary stability
  • Click here to generate pitru dosha report.


Saturn/ sani sadhe sati report at AstroVed:

  • You can generate your sani sadhe sati report by providing details like time of birth, country of birth, city of birth.
  • Click here to generate your sadhe sati report:


Saturn (sani sadhe sati) remedy program at Astroved:

  • They have a Saturn/ Sani graha remedy program which can be performed by astrologers on your behalf.
  • The program includes:  
    • Archana (pooja) at 12 power spots (monthly once at each powerspot)
    • Blue or black cloth donation (once in program)
    • Neeranjanam to dharmasastha (once a month)
    • Ellukizhi at Kerala powerspot (all saturdays)
    • Pin Vilakku to Shiva at Kerala powerspot (all Saturdays)

Various packages for Shani sade sati remedy:

 3 months Rs. 1529
 6 months Rs. 2501
 12 months Rs. 4454

The sani grah pooja package can be bought online from here.


Janma Nakshatra finder at Astro ved:

  • You can find your janma nakshatra by  providing details like time of birth, country of birth, city of birth. 
  • A person’s birth star (janma nakshatr), is the star in which the moon transited at the time of the person's birth.
  • The report highlights various details like:
    • Your Birth Star
    • Ruling Planet
    • Presiding Deity
    • General Characteristics
    • Symbol
    • Animal Symbol
    • Nature
    • Strengths
    • Weakness
    • Padam
  • Click here to generate your janam nakshtra report.


Love calculator (love match) report at AstroVed:

  • You can generate a love match/ love calculator or love compatibility report by providing you name and your partner’s name. 
  • Click here to generate love match report. 


Karmic astrology report (past life influence report) at Astroved

  • The report will help you to find the most effective remedies to get rid of your bad karmas as well as the karma you inherited from your ancestors. 
  • The report has to be purchased online and the cost is Rs. 1037 
  • Full report will be shared within 7 to 10 days from the date of purchase. 
  • Click here to purchase the Karmic astrology report. 


Nalla Neram (auspicious time) or subh muhurat report at Astroved:

  • You can view today’s nalla neram (subh muhurat) as well as Gowri Panchangam on their website.
  • Various details included for the day are:
    • Day gowri timings
    • Night gowri timings 
    • Nalla neram timings
    • Gowri nalla neram timings 
    • Sunrise and sunset timings  
  • You can also generate these details for some other day using the available calendar.  
  • You can access gowri nalla neram here.


Current planetary position at Astroved for your horoscope/ rashi:

  • You can check the current planetary position for your rashi by providing your date and time of birth, country and city (place of birth). 
  • Click here to find the current planetary position for you.


Moon sign calculator at AstroVed:

  • You can find your moon sign by providing various details like date and time of birth, country and place of birth.  
  • The report provides moon sign, birth star and padam. 
  • Click here to generate your moon sign report.


Today’s Panchang and Nakshatra at Astroved:

  • You can view today’s panchang/ nakshtra details. 
  • Various details available here are good and bad timings, star of the day, danger time, good time. 
  • You also get details like do’s and dont’s of the day. 
  • The details can be found for any city as there is an option to enter your city. 
  • Nakshatra (Star) of the day details are also available. 
  • You can view panchang details for current date or any future date by using the calendar. 
  • Click here to view the panchang for today.


Planetary pooja/ navagraha pooja on Astroved:

  • You can purchase pooja for any of the navgraha or complete navagraha pooja from Astrovid.
  • You can select the pooja you want and add it to the cart. 
  • You can then select the frequency of puja i.e. if you want the puja to be for one month, 6 months or 12 months. 
  • Payment can be made online. 
  • The pooja will be done at their remedy centre. 
  • Click here to know about various navgraha pooja.


Vaastu Yantra at AstroVed:

  • Vaastu Yantra nullifies your Vaastu defects at home and office. 
  • The power lines engraved on the Yantra emits positive radiations.
  • These radiations will sweep away the negative forces acting upon your living space. 
  • The cost for vaastu yantra is Rs. 979
  • You can buy vaastu yantra here.   


Nadi essential package (chapter 1,13 and 14):

  • Nadi essential package includes reading from the chapters 1, 13 and 14. This includes the important chapters in your life. 
  • The reading can be done by providing your thumb impression. 
    • Chapter 1 – General Kandam
    • Chapter 13 – Shanti Kandam
    • Chapter 14 – Diksha Kandam
  • Nadi essential package can be purchased online by paying Rs. 6300
  • You can purchase the package from here


Obstacle Removing Coconut Smashing at Special Vortex (108 Coconuts) at AstroVed:

  • From there website, you can purchase a package where 108 coconuts will be smashed to remove any obstacles in your life. 
  • This will be done in front of lord ganesh idol.
  • Their staff will mark the coconuts with your name and birth star. 
  • Cost for this ritual is Rs. 2163
  • Click here to book or to know more about coconut smashing ritual.


Child guidance report at Astroved:

  • Child guidance report will help you to understand what your child needs and where his/ her talent lies. 
  • The report can help you understand your child's weakness and strengths. 
  • Click here to order child guidance report. 


Cow feeding program at AstroVed:

  • They have a cow feeding program. 
  • Feeding a cow is equivalent to feeding 330 million hindu gods. 
  • This program give you the opportunity to donate food and water to cow on your behalf.
  • Cow feeding helps in:
    • Get rid of pitru dosha (ancestral affliction)
    • Gain blessings of Goddess Lakshmi
    • Gives you the blessings of ashwamedha yajna
    • Relief from malefic planetary effects
  • Click here to subscribe for cow feeding program.   

You can select from the following cow feeding programs:

Cow feeding - 3 months program Rs. 3000
Cow feeding - 6 months program Rs. 6000
Cow feeding - 12 months program Rs. 12000


Astrological remedy products at AstroVed:

  • They have many astrological remedy products.
  • These products help you bring prosperity in life. 
  • Various products available are:
    • Crystal Shiva Lingam
    • 9 Planets / Navagraha Mala
    • Shiva Shakti Mala Beads
    • Yantras / Archetype Symbols
    • 9 Planets / Navagraha Statues
    • Saturn Home Remedy/Pooja Kit
    • Herbal Remedy Incense
    • Maha Meru
    • Erukku Wicks 


Astroved mobile apps

  • All the services can be access through their website or Android and iOS app. 
  • Once you download the app, you need to select your country and city. 
  • After this, you have to enter your details like full name, gender, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. 
  • Next is to select the app language from English Hindi and Tamil after which you enter into the app.
  • All the reports/ consultation can be accessed through mobile app as well.

Android app

iOS app


Order cancellation and refund at Astroved:

  • Any order placed can be cancelled by contacting their customer care. 
  • You can send an email at to place cancellation request. 
  • If you are in India, you can call at their toll-free number 1800-102-9098 for cancellation request.


Rescheduling homa/ pooja:

  • If you want to reschedule any homa or pooja which you have requested, you need to send an email at at least 48 hours before the schedule of pooja or homa. 
  • New date/ time will be informed to the customer through email. 


Contacting Astroved:

  • For any questions/ queries, you can send an email at

Customers in India can reach out on their:

  • Toll-free number 1800-102-9098 (8 AM - 10 PM, Mon-Sat)
  • Mobile phone numbers: +91-9677-391-108 or +91-9677-391-109 (8 AM - 10 PM, Mon-Sat)
  • Landline number:  +91-044-4341-9898 (8 AM - 10 PM, Mon-Sat)
  • Skype id for India: astrovedcrm
  • You can also contact them at WhatApp number +91-9677-391-109.


Customers from USA can contact Astroved at:

  • Phone number: 888-241-7337
  • Skype Call In number (USA): 412-927-3625
Fees and charges
Astrology consultancy charge at Astrovid:
30-min consultancy: Rs. 675
60-min consultancy: Rs. 1350

Cost for coconut smashing ritual: Rs. 2163
Type of business
SP-75, Sidco Industrial Estate, 1st Floor, Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600058, India
Areas of operation
Outside India
Online - across India
Languages spoken
Hindi, English
Contact information
supportatastroved [dot] com
Availability timings
8 AM - 10 PM (Mon-Sat)

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