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AstroSage is probably the most popular astrology website across India. Every information, report and consultation related to astrology can be found on this website.

The best part is that their website can be accessed in multiple languages which makes it easy to access for all over India. The website is available in following languages:

  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • Gujarati
  • Marathi
  • Bengali
  • Malayalam
  • Hindi   
  • Nepali
  • Odia/ Oriya
  • Assamese

Founded in the year 2000 by pandit Punit Pandey, various services provided by Astrosage are:

  • Rashifal/ Aaj ka rashifal/ Horoscope 
  • Kundli/ Birth chart
  • Yearly calendar/ Panchang with festivals 
  • Horoscope matching for marriage (Kundli matching)
  • Free reports like sade sati report 
  • Healing processes 
  • Lal kitab
  • Astrology with Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP)
  • Numerology 


Rashifal/ Aaj ka rashifal/ Horoscope for today by Astrosage:

  • They have a detailed Rashifal/ horoscope report on their website.
  • All these horoscopes can be accessed in multiple Indian languages. 
  • You can visit the website to know various rashifal/ horoscope reports for all 12 zodiac signs/ rashis.

Aaj ka rashifal in Hindi 

Daily horoscope in English

You just need to select your zodiac sign and then a detailed report will be shown: 

  • Aaj ka rashifal/ horoscope for the day - This section provides you detailed rashifal / horoscope for the day
  • Weekly rashifal/ horoscope - This section provides your rashifal or horoscope for the week (that week's Monday to Sunday)
  • Next week rashifal/ horoscope - This section will help you understand your rashifal or horoscope for next week (next Monday to Sunday)
  • Monthly rashifal/ horoscope - This section will provide your rashifal or horoscope for the particular calendar month
  • Next month rashifal/ horoscope - This section will provide your rashifal or horoscope for the next calendar month   


Aaj ka rashifal/ horoscope for the day

  • Aaj ka rashifal or horoscope for the day provides basic details like your lucky number, lucky colour, remedy for the day to achieve better success in the day and today's rating for health, wealth, family, love matters, occupation and married life. 
  • These ratings will help you to get a better understanding of how your day is going to be w.r.t various factors. 


Rashifal/ horoscope for the year:

  • In this section, you can get an overall picture of how your rashifal or horoscope will be for the current year. 
  • You just need to select your zodiac sign / rashi to read the details prediction for the year. 
  • It gives you a detailed analysis and predictions for career, finance, love, marriage and family for your rashi or zodiac sign.


Astrosage kundli/ birth chart:

  • They have a section to generate your kundli. 
  • There is an option to generate Kundli or birth chart in both English and Hindi. 

Kundli in English

Kundli in Hindi

  • In order to generate your kundli, you need to provide your full name, gender, date of birth, time of birth (hour, minute and seconds) and your place if birth. 
  • There is also an optional advanced section where you can provide other details like:
    • Latitude and longitude of you place of birth
    • Timezone
    • DST correction (0,1,2)
    • Ayanamsa (N.C. Lahiri, KP New, KP Old, B.V. Raman, KP Khullar, Sayan)
    • Chart style (North Indian/ South Indian)
    • KP Horary Number (1-249)
  • The details in the advanced section is optional to provide. However, providing these may result in better accuracy of your Kundli. 
  • Once you provide all these details, just click on Submit to view your Kundali. 

Various details available in their Kundli report are:

  • Birth Chart/Kundli - Kundli & Planetary Position
  • Your life prediction - Your character, happiness and fulfillment, life style   
  • Your Gochar phal
  • Lal kitab predictions
  • Mangal dosha report 
  • Your ascendant report
  • Gemstone report prediction - This report helps you understand which gemstone can be beneficial for you. In this report on Astro sage, you will get recommendation on your life stone, lucky stone, bhagya stone. 
  • Your varshaphal (annual predictions) details
  • Sadesati report
  • Kalsarp dosh/ yog report 
  • Vimshottari mahadasha phal
  • Report and prediction for your love, health and hobbies 
  • Report and prediction for your finance, career and occupation
  • Your Nakshatra
  • Your numerology report - This report will provide your details and predictions based on numerology. 

Once generated, you can save, print and share your Kundli from the the website. 

Rashi calculator Astrosage:

  • Rashi/ rasi calculator helps you find you rasi. 
  • You need to enter your name, gender, date and time of birth, place of birth, longitude, latitude and time zone. 
  • Once you enter these details, you can get your rashi as per astrology. 
  • Click here to calculate your rashi. 


Numerology report/ prediction:

  • They have numerology experts who can help you find about your personality and other details using numerology. 
  • You can generate a free numerology report/ chart. 

Various details available in the numerology report are:

  • Your radical number
  • Your destiny number
  • Your name number
  • Your favourable sign
  • Your favourable alphabets
  • Your recommended gemstones 
  • Your favourable days 
  • Your favourable number 
  • Your favourable direction 
  • Your auspicious colour
  • Your ruling planet
  • Your ruling god/ goddess
  • Day your should fast
  • Favourable dates in a month
  • Your immunity or health index 

You can get your numerology report here.


Personalized horoscope/ rashifal for the year from AstroSage:

  • They have a paid service where astrologers can prepare a personalized horoscope for you.
  • This is a personalized guide to get success and prosperity in life. 
  • The report is valid for the calendar year. 
  • The advantage of this report is that it does not only include  in-depth analysis and forecast, it also includes easy-to-follow suggestions to bring happiness and prosperity in life. 
  • The cost for personalized horoscope report is Rs. 299
  • Payment can be made online and once paid, the report will be shared within 24-72 hours. 

Click here to see a sample personalized horoscope report.


AstroSage Brihat Horoscope/ Kundli:

  • They have a detailed horoscope/ Kundli report called as Brihat Horoscope or Kundali.
  • This is a 250 page report which explain every aspect of your life in detail. 
  • There are details of doshas like Kaal sarp dosha, mangal dosha, sade sati etc. and remedies for each of these doshas.
  • Through this report you will be able to know about period in like like raj yoga, favourable period in life for important events like marriage, children, property etc. 
  • You can select the language in which you want this report to be. 
  • The cost for brihat horoscope or Kundali report is Rs. 599.
  • Please visit this link to order a brihat horoscope/ kundali report.

Click here to view a sample brihat report.


Astrosage Kundli matching/ matchmaking/ horoscope matching:

  • They have a free tool for Kundli or horoscope matching for marriage.
  • You need to provide various details of boy and girl like full name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.
  • After this you need to click on "Submit" button to see the report on horoscope matching. 

The details which are provided in matchmaking/ kundli matching are:

  1. Guna Milan
  2. Manglik Dosha
  3. Strength of Navamsa Chart

Kundli match in Hindi

Kundli match in English


Zodiac sign/ rashi compatibility tool:

  • You can use their zodiac sign compatibility tool to find the compatibility between 2 zodiac signs. 
  • This tool is helpful for quick match making if in case you are not aware of boys and girls full details like date of birth etc. 
  • You need to select boy's and girl's zodiac sign/ rashi and the tool will help you find compatibility.  

You can access zodiac sign/ rashi compatibility tool here.


Name horoscope matching/ name compatibility tool:

  • They have a tool for match making.
  • This tool is helpful to check quick compatibility if in case you don't have other details like date of birth etc. 
  • You just have to enter boy's and girl's full name to check compatibility. 
  • Ideally you should enter rasi name (naam) instead of popular name for best results. 

You can access name compatibility tool here.  


Moonsign finder/ calculator:

  • Astro sage has an online tool to find your moon sign.
  • For this you need to enter your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. 

You can find your moon sign by entering details here.  


Free reports on Astrosage:

  • They have a bouquet of free reports. 
  • These reports will help you find reasons for ups and downs in your life. 
  • Few of the helpful free reports available are:
    • Shani sade sati calculator 
    • Vimshottari dasha prediction
    • Kaalsarp Yog/ Dosh Report

Shani sade sati calculator Astrosage:

  • You can find details of when will you will sade sati dasha in your life. 
  • The cycle repeats itself after every 25 years.
  • This phase comes up with lot of changes in life ; positive as well as negative.
  • It is said in vedic astrology that you pay for your karma during this period. If you done good work in life, lord shani will bless you with lod of happiness. On the other hand, if you karma is not good, this is the period where you pay off for this. 
  • Click here to calculate your sade sati.     
  • The report can be calculated by entering your full name, gender, date of birth, place of birth. 
  • Click on submit after entering these details. 
  • The report highlights sade sati/ Panoti start date, end date and phase (rising, peak, setting). 

You can find the list of all free tools/ reports on here.


Rahu Kalam timimg on Astrosage:

  • Rahu kaal/ kalam is a duration in a day which is considered inauspicious as per vedic astrology. 
  • As planet Rahu rules during this time period, it is suggested not to do any important work during this time. 
  • Rahu kaal may change from city to city as it is dependent on sunrise and sunset timings. 


How is Rahu kalam/ Rahu kaal calculated?

  • There is a simple way to find Rahu kalam in a day. 
  • For your city, find the sunrise and sunset time.
  • Divide the time duration between sunrise and sunset in to 8 equal parts. Now Rahu kalam in a day can be found using the table below:
DayRahu Kalam 
Monday2nd part
Tuesday7th part
Wednesday5th part
Thursday6th part
Friday4th part
Saturday3rd part
Sunday8th part

You can use this calculator to find Rahu Kalam timing for your city on a particular day.


Baby naming ceremony dates and muhurat:

  • On their website/ app, you can find dates and muhurat for naming ceremony of your baby. 
  • You just need to enter the year in which you want the muhurat to be and name of your city. 
  • The tool will give you all muhurat for naming ceremony with details like date, muhurat start time and muhurat end time. 

You can find this baby naming ceremony muhurat tool here.


Aaj ka panchang/ daily panchang on Astrosage:

  • They have a section where you can view aaj ka panchang/ today's panchang.
  • It has details of every single muhurat in the day, sunrise time, sunset time, moon rise time and moon set time for your city.
  • As these details changes w.r.t city, you need to enter your city name as well as date for which you want the panchange to be. 

The panchang provides other details like:

  • Inauspicious Timings (Ashubha Muhurat)
  • Auspicious Timings (Shubha Muhurat) - Abhijit Muhurat 
  • Lagna Chart at Sunrise
  • Planetary Position at Sunrise

Please refer this link to find daily panchang.


Astrology consultancy (Astrosage Varta):

  • You can get astrological consultancy from astrologers available on their website or app platform. 
  • From Vedic astrology to KP system, nadi shastra, numerology, palmistry, tarot reading, aura reading, vastu shastra and spiritual healing can be discussed with astrologers available. 


How does astrology consultancy works?

  • First of all you need to visit Astrosage Vartha website.
  • You can filter the available astrologers based on the type of their expertise. Various expertise filters available are: 
    • Vedic Astrology
    • KP System
    • Lal Kitab
    • Numerology
    • Tarot Reading
    • Marriage Matching
    • Vastu
    • Reiki
    • Feng Shui
    • Horary
    • Nadi Astrology
  • You can also filter w.r.t language you want to speak in. This will filter out the list of astrologers and will only show you the astrologers who are versed in your preferred language. 


  • For each astrologer available on the website/ app, you will be able to see:
    • Their are of expertise (ex: vedic, palmistry etc.)
    • Total years of experience
    • Languages in which they can provide consultancy
    • Mode of communication with this astrologer (call/ chat)
    • Cost of consultancy with this astrologer (cost/ min)
  • Once you select a astrologer, you need to sign up or sign in. 
  • Sign-up is easy and you need to provide your 10 digit mobile phone number to sign up.
  • A 6-digit OTP is sent to verify phone number. 
  • Once the phone number is verified, you need to provide your other details like place of birth, gender, date of birth, time of birth, marital status and occupation. 
  • Once all these details are provided, you can select the astrologer you want to chat or have a call with.  
  • As this is a paid consultancy, you need to recharge in your wallet before proceeding to chat or call with astrologer.
  • The minimum balance needed to talk to an astrologer varies from astrologer to astrologer.
  • You can recharge the wallet for any amount between Rs. 1 to Rs. 50,000. 
  • Payment can be done using credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI or wallets. 
  • Once the wallet recharge is done, you can start consultancy with the astrologer of your choice. 
  • The first minute of discussion with astrologer is free and the money will be deducted only from the second minute.  


Paid reports and services by Astrosage:

  • They have a bunch of reports and services that you can purchase online. 
  • These paid reports are totally personalized based your your details and can help you find answers or remedies to your problems.

Various paid reports available are:  

Report nameDescriptionCost of this report
Raj Yoga ReportKnow detailed information about possible Raj Yogas in your KundaliRs. 499
Year BookFind out how your education, job, business, career, family or married life will be in upcoming 12 monthsRs. 499
Shani/ Saturn ReportKnow the effects, timelines of Shani or Saturn in your KundaliRs. 499
Brihat Horoscope/ KundliGet a Kundli describing your life in detail.Rs. 599
Personalized Horoscope for current yearGet your personalised horoscope for the current year to prosper in job, study, family, healthRs. 299
Child KundliDetailed kundli revealing secrets, strengths of your child’s lifeRs. 499
Ask a questionGet remedy/ consultancy of a problem in your lifeRs. 299
Ask 3 questions - detailed reportget reliable solution with a detailed report on 3 problems in your lifeRs. 2145
Marriage reportKnow how your life after marriage will be, how will be your life partner, will you get married to the person you love/ likeRs. 1560
Career / Job Report Get easy astrological remedies for your career and job related problemsRs. 1560
Finance ReportGet reliable astrological solutions for better finance managementRs. 1560

All the cost above are subject to change. Please refer website for updated price list. 

AstroSage Kundli and astrology app:

  • They have a Kundali app or software for both Android and iOS phones. 
  • This is free app to generate various reports like birth chart, natal chart and other reports. 

kundli Android app

kundli iOS app 

  • Once the app is downloaded, you need to select your preferred language. 
  • After selecting language you need to either create an account or sign-in if you already have an account.
  • Creating an account is easy as they have Facebook and Gmail login. 
  • You can also sign up by providing your emailid and creating a password. 
  • Once you sign up or sign in, you can see all the services offered by their app. 

Various services that can be availed from the app are:

  • Kundli
  • Match making
  • Horoscope
  • Predictions
  • Daily panchang
  • Ask a question
  • Talk to astrologer
  • Brihat horoscope 
  • Numerology
  • Astro shop
  • Learn astrology
  • Porutham
  • Free matrimony
  • Horoscope for the current year
  • Jupiter transit for the current year
  • Saturn transit for the current year   
  • Griha pravesh Muhurat for the year


Astro shop:

  • They have many astrological items which you can directly buy from their website. 
  • You can find a suggested remedy of your problem from expert astrologers and then can buy a product suggested by them.

Various astrological items on astro shop are:

  • Gemstones
  • Rudraksh
  • Rudraksh Mala/ Tulsi Mala
  • Navgraha Yantra
  • Jadi Booti
  • Feng Shui crystal tortoise
  • Black horseshoe/ kaale ghode ki naal


Contacting AstroSage customer care:

  • For any questions related to astrology, you can send an email at
  • You can also their customer care phone number at +91-9560-670-006 (9 AM to 6 PM, Mon-Fri)
Fees and charges
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Marriage report: Rs. 1560
Career/ job report: Rs. 1560
Shani Sade Sati report: Rs. 499
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