Search across profession categories

We have service professional pitches across the below 50 categories available at this time. We are in the process of adding many more categories. If you do not find a category you are interested in, please write to us.

Academic Tutors

Private teachers or tuition centres for entrance exams and school/college subjects.


Accountants with expertise across general accounting, book keeping, preparation of tax returns, GST, etc.


Artist profiles for fine arts, henna artists, body painting, tattoos etc.

Arts and hobby trainers

Teachers for arts and crafts, acting, cooking, gardening, jewelry making and much more.


Astrologers for marriage, horoscopes, vaastu, numerology and much more. Western and vedic astrology practitioners.

Bakers and confectioners

Cake, pastry, bread, cookie, pies, desserts and chocolate makers.

Carpenters and Furniture shops

Professionals for building and repairing furniture, wardrobe, TV unit and other wood work.

Child services professionals

Babysitting, pre-school, daycare and other child support services.

Cleaning services professionals

Professionals for house, commercial and other specialized cleaning services.

Collections or recovery agents

Collections agents for debt resolution, recovery operations and BPO services.

Construction services

Service professionals for masonry services, tiling, windows and doors installation etc.

Content writers

Writers for marketing, academic, legal, scientific and editorial content.

Cooks and caterers

Cooks and catering services for a variety of Indian and international cuisines.

Dance teachers

Dance teachers for wide range of dance forms including Bollywood, Salsa, Indian traditional, and many more.

Data analysts

Professionals for data analysis, machine learning, business intelligence, data entry etc.

Detective agencies

Agents for pre-matrimonial search, forensic, personal and corporate investigations.

Digital graphics and UX designers

Experts in user experience design, 3d modeling, animation etc.

Electrical and electronics professionals

Electricians, professionals for appliance installation and repair, electronic gadget repairs, etc.

Event services professionals

Services for events like event planners, MCs, Venue rentals, decorators etc.

Finance professionals

Financial professionals for financial analysis, budgeting, equity research, treasury and other financial functions.

Fitness trainers

Fitness trainers and Yoga instructors for fitness, weight loss and other needs.


Profiles for businesses and individuals in the flower business.


Hostels for specific genders, backpackers with wide range of facilities.

Human resources (HR) professionals

Professionals for talent acquisition, compensation, HR operations and much more.

Interior designers

Interior designers for homes, apartments, restaurants, offices and other properties.

Interior furnishing professionals

For home or office furnishing services like carpeting, sound proofing, draping etc.

Investment advisors

Advisors for investment opportunities across securities, debt funds, asset management etc.

Jewellery professionals

Professionals for jewellery buying and selling, appraisal, cleaning and repair services.

Language teachers

Language teachers for both Indian and International languages.


Legal professionals with expertise across corporate law, criminal law, business set-up, and much more.

Life coaches and career counsellors

Coaches for personal development, relationships, career choices, etc.

Make-up and hairstyle artists

Professionals for make-up and hairstyling for all occasions.

Management and strategy consultants

Consultants with skill sets across corporate strategy, fundraising, business development & planning, and similar expertise.

Marketing and sales professionals

Professionals and agencies with skillsets across online & offline media, sales and PR. 

Music teachers

Music teachers for both vocals and instruments training covering a wide spectrum of genres.


Music bands, DJs for weddings, parties, religious and other events.


Nutritionists/dieticians for weight management, diabetes diet or sports and fitness diet.

Online groceries

Online marketplaces, grocery, specialty stores or deals websites etc.

Packers and Courier services

Services for national or international delivery of goods, documents etc.

Personal assistants and domestic helpers

Personal assistants to help with daily chores, errands, patient care and deliveries.


Photo and videographers for wedding, special events, fashion and other purposes.


Professionals for repairing and installing bathroom, kitchen and sanitary fittings etc.

Priests and religious teachers

For conducting ceremonies and religious teaching across multiple religions.

Soft skill trainers

Trainers for key skills like public speaking, leadership, stress management, etc.

Software and IT services

Professionals with skillsets across business applications, change management, blockchain and other specializations.

Sports coaches

Coaches for a wide range of sports like Cricket, Swimming, Tennis, Karate, etc. 


Tailors for all occasions and dress types including formal wear, party and wedding wear, school uniforms etc.

Taxi services and drivers

Taxi services and personal drivers for city or outstation travel.

Travel agents and tour guides

Professional services for India and international travel, tours and sightseeing.

Vocation and job skills trainers

Trainers for job skills development across multiple areas, e.g. analytics, stenography, textile design etc.