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What works for you, works for us.

Our mission is to create a universal social platform for Indians to connect with businesses and freelancers. We have defined our business model so our incentives are directly aligned with yours. Unlike, other platforms, we are not the man in the middle. We do not charge service providers commissions for each customer. Our small flat fee model for all service providers ensures that we always work towards finding the best listing for you.

This project was ideated when the world began its fight against the pandemic. With the uncertainty over job security for many Indians, we realized that a platform like Open Pitch could make a difference.

We get what you need.

We have dealt with the frustration involved in the process. This is why Open Pitch is no-nonsense approach to finding services.

We are open

We're open

All service professional profiles are always accessible to everyone. Find your best match and connect directly!

We are transparent

We're transparent

We charge a small fixed annual fee from service professionals to list on our website. No hidden fees. No commissions per sale.

We are unbiased

We're unbiased

Anyone can review and rate service professionals. All service pitches are presented as is.

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