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Taxi services and drivers

Taxi services and personal drivers for city or outstation travel.

Life coaches and career counsellors

Coaches for personal development, relationships, career choices, etc.

Vocation and job skills trainers

Trainers for job skills development across multiple areas, e.g. analytics, stenography, textile design etc.

Content writers

Writers for marketing, academic, legal, scientific and editorial content.

Human resources (HR) professionals

Professionals for talent acquisition, compensation, HR operations and much more.

Language teachers

Language teachers for both Indian and International languages.

Cooks and caterers

Cooks and catering services for a variety of Indian and international cuisines.

Event services professionals

Services for events like event planners, MCs, Venue rentals, decorators etc.

Data analysts

Professionals for data analysis, machine learning, business intelligence, data entry etc.

Bakers and confectioners

Cake, pastry, bread, cookie, pies, desserts and chocolate makers.

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Pan India reach

I have been training people in my area for a few years. Open Pitch has helped me find audience across the country. It's so fun to connect with students from all walks of life. So far it has been a great learning experience for me too.

Music teacher

Open Pitch has given me the right platform

While I am a marketing professional, Open Pitch has given me the platform to pursue my interest in career counseling. It helps me in meeting new students and professionals every day and gives me an opportunity to help them. I thank Open Pitch for making it so easy!

Life coach and career counsellor

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